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/pg/ pregnancy general R: 5 -
post 'em

Gothic Lolita general R: 0 -
Post gothic lolita characters and art
My personal favourite are Alice from Pandora Hearts, Rory Mercury, Rachel Alucard and Dead Master

/GDG/ Globalist Doxing General R: 4 -
Why don't we just start doxing the politicians that have ruined our countries the most and post their home addresses all over the internet as a mass action?
What if we could get people to drag these assholes out on the street and straight up murder them.. to send a bloody fucking message.

I'll start:
Mark Rutte
>Prime Minister of the Netherlands
>WEF involved
>Lives in a penthouse on van Alkemadelaan, The Hague, Netherlands. House numbering unknown.,4.3299387,3a,75y,278.78h,100.16t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stXGc5fBe-ydtc1mAtxdfLQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

Sigrid Kaag
>Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands
>WEF involved
>Jan van Nassaustraat 48, The Hague, Netherlands

Joris Demmink
>Former high official
>Not persecuted for pedophilia due to OM being corrupt and manipulating the evidence against him
>Home address unknown but does his groceries in the neighbourhoud Duinzigt, The Hague, Netherlands
License plate: 45-NKL-5,4.3241963,3a,63.1y,300.6h,92.06t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1slCYtJILvDy7xWdjepfs3Fg!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192

Klaus Schwab:
>Home address unknown but lives in the Township of Cologny in Switzerland
>We know where he lives within a 3,67 square kilometer area

/banban/ R: 1 -

/ng/ R: 0 -

Beatles hate thread R: 5 -
I'm French, so I don't fall for the Anglo-Saxon Beatles cult. I see them for what they are, a boring pop group that makes children's music and ditties, nothing but frivolities and superfluity. Their "experiments" are laughable attempts to be taken seriously by the artistic community. Their reputation is based on image, not substance. A marketing cult has been built for this group and English-speaking baby boomers have developed a particular obsession. Along with American and British cultural imperialism, they spread the myth and supposed importance of the Beatles, but as time moves away from the 1960s, it becomes clear that the Beatles have little to offer the modern listener, but the modern listener feels they must worship at the alter of Beatles, as they are told by critics and the rock n roll narrative that the Beatles were the greatest ever, that they invented everything and other nonsense.

/soy/ R: 1 -
Soyjaks must be in every post
Eat your vegetables and brush after every meal

/ween/ - Church of Boognish R: 0 -
ween fans of the sharty congregate here

R: 0 -
fights or something along those lines

Dasha Nekrasova appreciation general R: 10 -
post 'er

/mlp/ General R: 0 -
Here we can converse about our favorite gem cartoon horse show.

ALIEN-UFO INTELLIGENCE- Heavy National Security.pdf Download R: 5 -
ALIEN-UFO INTELLIGENCE- Heavy National Security.pdf Download

R: 3 -
does anyone have the video of the 2 squirrel feraljaks going DAMN NIGGA and THATS NUTS with voice I've been trying to find it again for months now

/mlpg/ R: 25 -
The official sharty pony thread.
Post and discuss this 'party culture.

/DOOM/-Project soy doom general R: 26 -
ok listen up, i have a rather ambitious plan, what if we made our own doom WAD? we could replace the sprites of the enemies, make new levels and add more guns

does anyone here have expierience in modding doom? if so, we will discuss the creation of this WAD