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17 days

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Hey guys, late 20s wagie here. I haven't played a video game in 5ish years (i've been busy with life), but I decided to buy the ps5 on a whim because Amazon invited me to. I don't really know what to play so I want recommendations. I liked fallout 4 and far cry 4 a bit, to give you reference. Elden ring seems nice, but is it too hard? I am a casual. Skyrim also seems good too, I know its old but I've never played it before. Thanks guys

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15 days since kuz "temporalily" shut down the server to add cracked accounts

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does anyone have a working version of Black Lives Splatter 0.3? you WILL give it to me

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doom(1993) > doom eternal

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12 days

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>YOOOU can't just heckin' sacrifice me to the sexy lamb goddess (or that weird long dude) even tho it's a 100% proven and effective way to get rid of ineffective people or those who yuck your yums

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This is a nice album

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>controversial opinion about the currently popular video game

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r8 my 'pixel 'uild

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So I dicked up and did the Lester missions and the stock tricks too early instead of waiting until the end of the game. How the fuck am I going to buy the golf course now?

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11 days