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Nati Dreddd R: 5 -
Anyone familiar with this lass? Nati Dreddd is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Scotland. She sings contemporary Folk Pop and Ballads that are not too far removed from the traditional. She recently made a stop in America and is on tour promoting her new tunes in UK and elsewhere.



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What's a funny idyllic comedy tv show?

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/comfy/ music

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>happiness only real when shared

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>>animal males have to do a silly dance to mate
>>human males have to be 200+cm tall, have 7 digits monthly income, be a literal 11/10 greek god whose body comes straight >out of JJBA, have 300IQ, speak several languages, know everything while not being into anything, be available 24/7 and simultaneously be a yesman but independant enough to not be a yesman, all for a 1/10 fat pig who's the female equivalent a of an incel manchild

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>Is that Swans? Turn that shit WAY up my guy!

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she's right

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>jazz good even tho you can just humm a tune and that's more entertaining

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visual novels are video games

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>its real

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How do I play Minecraft modpacks with a cracked client? I am using ultimMC

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Is Ween certified shartycore? They're a chud band but soy at the same time.

Temu├žin's waiting room R: 44 -
I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about the unofficial minecraft server on /muv/.

NoEncryption (no chat reports)
Sojacraft seed
Skynode Paid
Mostly Anarchy (with land claims)
Will release world download when the server goes down and/or the official minecraft server opens.

last /soy/ thread: