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Naggers and Joos R: 0
The naggers are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of violent crime around the globe, and the joos have their back.

We will not live in fear of naggers, nor will we be governed by joos.

The joos and naggers are working to take people's minds through an overwhelming stream of disinformation and propaganda.

The liberal culture we see in the west is a jooish fabrication.


See for more information.


The joos own the governments and media in the west.

The joos use their power to pass anti-white laws, run anti-white media, censor black crimes and intensely promote miscegenation, LGBT and diversity.

The joos are funding massive illegal migration in USA and Europe.

Joos genocided 60 million people, fabricated the holocaust as a distraction, framed Hitler as the bad guy, and then took over the education system to prevent people from finding out.

The gas chambers of the "holocaust" are akin to the WMDs of Iraq, a farce used to justify military action.

The jooish holy book says that non-joos are the same as animals. How would joos feel if people were instructed to consider -them- as animals?

Should they be setting our laws and choosing our education?

As traditional terrorists call white people "infidels," jooish terrorists call white people "goyim" or “gentiles.”


We are in a situation where we cannot rely on or trust the governments and the elections are not in the hands of the people.

Each nagger costs taxpayers approximately $750k (in welfare alone) over their lifetime.

Naggers say they attack whites because of “slavery” but most slave traders were jooish and the average joo was 40x more likely to be a slave owner than a white person.

Besides being a mostly jooish phenomenon, the number of enslaved naggers in the USA was extremely small and is obfuscated by the joos for rhetorical effect.

We move forward by sharing this information, awareness is essential.

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What do we think of One For Israel?

japanese scientists didn't create ukrainians, debunked by snopes R: 0

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why is frenchan such a right-wing ethochamber?

need a background for this.

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leftypolxisters what is this!?

Friendly reminder. R: 0
Those "Ukrainian Biolabs" you've been hearing about from the schizoids? They don't exist. And they never existed to begin with.

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What would it mean for the west if total collpase happens in pakistan?

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tranny jannies deleted this :/

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Bolsonaro planning COUP in brazil! what are some political implications?

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I hate niggers so goddman much. God put niggers on Earth to shittest humanity, if humanity is willing to put up with niggers they don't deserve anything good.

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>must be kikes

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>must be kikes

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Rittenhouse won.

>steal the diary of a high ranking nazi official
>begin slobbering over the idea of getting more "proof" for the holocaust
>he never mentions anything about exterminating jews
>he wants to ‘move them out of Europe.’
>there was no evidence for it all along
>there was no order to kill jews
>memory hole it and hope the goyim never notice
How's the "most documented event in history" going for you?

Good news R: 22
Kikes are fleeing Germany

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says a lot

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How do we reduce the influence of fascism on children?

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It’s unironically just paragraphs of them patting each other on the back

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/pol/ website

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chudlon musk is banning all the leftists! Just yesterday both hunter avallone and amazing atheist banned. Earlier, both ethan klein and hila klein got banned too.

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Like 'federates.
Don't like 'socs.
Any one else here like that?

2040's wave of serial killers R: 4
I believe that, with all of the current atrocities being committed by doctors on Gen Z under the guise of “gender reaffirming surgery” or “hormone replacement therapy” will do a huge toll on a minor but nonetheless present population, primarily of girls. Already we are hearing stories of detransitioners who have had their genitals cut off, had their voice altered, been shunned by their former trans community (works like a cult, eh), etc.. These kids, seemingly forsaken by society as a whole, will become bitter. Their abusive parents, though with good intentions (in their opinion) of “affirming their kid’s gender identity”, have allowed the complete altering of their kid’s body, a butchering similar to the lobotomy.
These are conditions for killers. I believe there will be a wave of serial killers, primarily females, in the 2040s and possibly the 30s. They may be targeted to get revenge on their abusers, or indiscriminate.
These kids need to be given extensive therapy, but, I believe, only if requested. After social justice’s death (it seems to be reaching a crescendo of insanity by now, trying to find other things to crusade for), there will probably still be some people clinging to it. Some of these people will think themselves to be transgender, and I don’t believe these people should be forced into therapy. Their ideas are nonsense, yes, but the further you set a pendulum, the further it will swing in the other direction. These clingers-on will need to be allowed to get through their phase, however not without the horrible reality-warping of today, where people bend the knee and give in an SJW's cry-bullying. Nobody should ever feel societal pressure to address what is clearly a boy as a girl, for example.

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Plan = Trusted

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If they’re black then it’s a gang. If they’re italian, it’s a mob. But if they’re jewish it’s a coincidence and you should never speak about it

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New toss

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began reading jewish tales and I am already unwinding my racist bias. what do you think about that?

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<wtf based nigger naming the kikes

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wtf based nigger naming the kikes

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the britney spears conservatorship scandal is fucking scary
imagine if that happened to you, you're not famous so no one would stand up for you and your kike relatives would be free to take everything from you by claiming that you're mentally insane and providing your posting history on as evidence
how are these things allowed to happen in le heckin current year