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tiny 'jaks R: 0 -
Post tiny 'jaks pls i find them funny

R: 0 -
jak him

making a smv (soy music video) R: 1 -
Requesting a jak blowing into a trumpet (side profile aiming trumpet to the right)
Requesting a jak holding a triangle instrument (frontal)

R: 0 -
toddjak please

oekaki shithole R: 1 -
how the fuck do you do super ultra mega green glowie text and others also, post your shitty oekakis

R: 0 -
I'm looking for a grotesque jak that was wearing a shirt saying 'a moment of rape'

jakify this, jakify that R: 5 -
make this jewblox (i kid you not) “gem” a soyjak

R: 0 -
Make Front Man soyjaks

R: 1 -
chud as elvis and soylita as the girl

R: 6 -
Make the Anime girl a troonjak

R: 2 -
anyone have the full size image of this jak?

R: 1 -
requesting squirrel using a feather to tickle his feet.

R: 1 -
Can someone turn this bernd into a ulster scot

R: 0 -
Need a Lenin 'jak even better if he has a rash or two on his face

R: 0 -
‘jak him.