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being sent to military schol

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I will always be a loser incel with no friends. Why is my life so shit? what did I gain for spamming touhou on a image board dedicated to soyjaks? is my feeble and warped mind rotting at the moment each time i continue to spam oriental cartoons? I'm I a sperg outcast who is rightfully kicked out from society and mocked or i'm i a victim of a cruel and uncaring world?

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If you want girlfriends, wear a fake wedding band around town. Western women are attracted to married men like kikes to gold.

Funny or autistic youtube comments R: 1
Hello Chuds ive seen many funny comments in my days on the internet so i wanted to make a thread for these i will start with this

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You get stared at , but only looks of disgust.

You get smiled at , only the smile is them making fun of you not because they like you.

Want proof I really hate you , I'm just going to push you in front of a school bus , I just didn't like your face and I just didn't like that you were close to me or in front of me , even through I just met you.

You met a girl for the first time , to bad she hates you , how do I know she has been doing nothing other then give you dirty looks.

The only time they talk to you is to tell you how ugly you are.
The jokes you tell in class , they laugh at you not with you , chad is funny , you are the faggot loser we laugh at.

You get laughed at in public.

Go look at getting a job , unfuckable = not work place material.

Want to join a club , I'll make sure you won't get in , you make me uncomfortable uglyoo.
You can't trust your doctors especially your female doctors.

You won't ever have female friends , they hang out with cute boys they see as backups , not uglyoos you might embarrasse me.

Your female siblings won't love you , in fact they will hate you eventually, love they give to the cute siblings not you uglyoo.

Your teachers will treat you badly and might get the class to bully you , sorry they can only love their cute students.

Getting bullied ? Well that's a you problem most people will not care , or will not help you , especially an uglyoo.

Oh your shy , everyone has to be careful around you , you might be a future school shooter

We had to bully you in school it was to funny to mock and make fun off the foreveraloner

chad can have confidence you have arrogance

you should have seen the chats all us had discussing your tiny micro penis

Never had a girlfriend ? Well it must be your shitty personality inkwell, not your disgusting looks . Exercise me while I fuck a gangster.

Suicidal ? We pretend to care for a little bit but deep down we don't care.

Getting hated on for no reason ? Oh it's not your personality, your mure disgusting existence is to much to bure of course I hate you.

Good luck at ever getting love , not even your own mother will say I Love You .

Your own mother dosent want to be seen in public with you , her friends brag about their sons , you embarrass her.

Your own mother also says how much she hates you , and she wishes you will never born.

Oh I asked you out , yeah that was a dare , I was smirking because I couldn't contain my laugh.

You asked a girl out , what a great way to get laughed at or to be bullied or be called a faggot.

Try saving a girls life ? Well you might get sued , chad is the hero you are the creep womanizer.

Try to get to know or start a conversation with a girl , to bad that's harassment, only chad can come up to me.

Stare at my fat ass ? I'm going to get my boyfriend on you to fuck you up , chad can stare and grab everytime he wants.

Think you have a shot with ugly girls or average girls ? Well they often the most crazy about chad and thug dicks.

Your too friendly with children ? Ew you might be a pedo , children are safer with chad not you.

We say it's your personality when in reality we are just shallow we don't want to say it , we rather fuck a ted bundy then you incel.

Getting photos taken of , or have people recording you ? Well we need likes and social media attention , for the laughs as well.

oh we met online and agreed to met in real life , sorry I canceled and don't talk to you because you gross me out

Want to spend time with your female cousins, sorry we hang out with Chad's and cutes in the family not you.

Want to fuck that milf teacher ? Sorry the chad quarterback is probably fucking her raw doggy right now.

Want to fuck that cute Becky with glasses and a nice figure ? Sorry she loves gangbangers and she just laughs at you.

Oh you can't get a girlfriend to fuck you ? Well you must be a pedo or a faggot , it's not us, we just want the top 10% of men.

We have to be nice to you while working at customer service ? I rather not serve you and lose my job.

Oh you jerk off to porn and onlyfans, that's fine loser that's the closest to ass you will get , just make sure it's not me.

To much eye contact is harassment, meanwhile chad can say vile things to me or grab my pussy whenever , in fact I welcome it.

We rather be welfare mommys sharing a common thug then you virgin weirdo
Oh your a feminist ? Your trying to hard . Only Chad can be a feminist chad has been around and inside women to understand us.

Want to forum an incel website to talk about your struggles ? Nope we will shut it down , you speak to much truth we can't have that.

Oh your nice to me ? Well that's flirting and I have a right to not respond
Everything you do you ugly disgusting male is creepy by definition because your ugly.

We hate you because your ugly not because of you.

Oh I have to work in a goeup project with you , I rather take an F.

Oh remember when I said hi to you , yeah I made the biggest eye roll , all I could have thought at that moment is " not this disgusting loser again ".

We love nerdy guys as long if their cute.

Oh your short , well to bad for you midget.

Oh you finally have a girlfriend, well while your working or studying, her pussy is deep on top of chad her true love , you are the useful idiot.

Oh you finally got married , while your out of town chad is fucking me like a dog.

Oh your a former incel , we still hate you and are disgusted by your existence, you going against incels won't change our minds , thanks fucking loser.

All the nice things you do for me are nice , but in the back of my mind my pussy wants chad not you , I want to fuck good looking handsome thugs that are 6 foot tall , chad always get my pussy wet
Chad gets all the women pussy wet , your sister , your mother , your aunt , your teacher , your female pastor , your grandmother , your friend , your cousin , your wife , your girlfriend all of them love chad over something so disgusting, so vile , so ugly , so vomit inducing then you , they deserve love they have good personality because their hot , meanwhile you have a bad personality because you are ugly

We want to turn you away from the blackpill because we need another useful simp idiot , through you will never simp for us , your to ugly and gross for that

All of us at inceltears and incelexit love to make fun of you losers , even those trying to leave the incel mindset or community we still see you as losers and unfuckable, we call you cute just to be nice

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I always hated female nature. They're too weak. When I was growing up I used to correct my sisters feminine behavior, being the only boy. It sickened me
I beat them up and try to make them respectable individuals, I would get beat up by my dad after though, but it was worth it to make them normal
Women are flakey. They act like kids and get away with it. I just want to grab one and take them to a boot camp and make them a man. When a woman
gets too nice with me I get disgusted.

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Instead of feeling ashamed of being virgins, get together and shame normalfaggots for having unprotected sex before marriage and for having children they can’t afford. Shame them for being all around irresponsible.

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the image that killed /soy/

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She bad thou

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It is domestic violence awareness month. This month be aware that women have sex with domestic abusers instead of incels.

Hit Women, Get Laid

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If you are a loser you can say you’re a girl, join girls teams, and blow girls the fuck out in their own sports.

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Uhh straight-brothers?

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>aggresively mediocre in every single one of my interests

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This is a good college for incels. Everyone keeps to themselves, incels are respected, and it is not liberal. The student union is fucking degenerate but through some miracle it stays in their office.

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How do fat boys get laid?

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>dreamt i made a friend
its fucking OVER

Dr. Thomas Meixner R: 3
Why are people that mess with incels treated like martyrs? How is it stunning and brave to mess with incels?

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Elliot Rodger soyfacing over Game of Thrones vol. V

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cis gf left me because she wanted a gf who was 5'5 and i'm 5'8

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fuck faggots

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I'm a manlet

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>be me (white chudcel)
>talk to egirl from 4cuck '9k
>she is really into me, wants to meet up
>asks about my penis size
>decide to tell her the truth
>get ghosted
Its over for twpcels. share more stories about interactions with egirls

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>short king

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its fucking OVER
how am i supposed to cope with this shit

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>be me

I cheated R: 0
I got 100% on a math test I cheated on and everyone, teachers and parents, congratulated me.

Why do I feel bad now, though?

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>you have so many weird abnormalities in your gait, posture, and overall appearance that you don't notice but everyone else does

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>Yo Yo Yo, it’s Chugsday!
>What I need you to do is quote 3 tiny black pecker ass niggas under this Big White Belly right here. I need some more niggas to do this ‘Kill That Cobcoal’ challenge with. And I’m also giving away another hunit free subscriptions to my only gems. Be looking out for that thread later on today. Don’t forget to quote them 3 cobtranny niggas out there. If you one of them Big Axewound niggas, quote yaself! Chugsday! Fuck with ya boy! Nude Jakker!

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why the fuck does my nigger classmate get away with bullying me just because hes black

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>rejected an invitation from someone I love AGAIN because i'm terrified of fucking everything up
How the fuck do I get over APD?

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Why do females do this?

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>r9k is back

hey guys! my name is jaxxon smith and for my 10st birfday my mommy got me a minecraft skin and entro!!!! pls no hate i just wanted to show you this!