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Why do the kikes prevent scientists from researching the miracles and near death experiences that happen in hospitals?

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If I’m slightly related to a kike or something, can I use Kabbalah?

Gangstalking general R: 3 -
Share your experiance with gangstalking everyday, today I'm not going outside so no gangstalkers.

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kill them all doom slayer

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My average day

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'jak him

The 2008 Whistletickle incident and adjacent phenomena R: 7 -
Copied from the thread here

In this post I will describe the paranormal phenomenon I experienced, known as Whistletickle.

Whistletickle only ever “activated” in the living room, I think usually in the northern half of the living room. It was on the northern wall, west of the window. The television was to the east, couch to the west, room entryway to the south, and another couch to the north, in the north-east corner. Behind the west couch, there were 3 clocks. A metal clock (I can’t describe it well) with 2 cuckoo clocks on either side of it.

Whistletickle itself was divided into two parts: the upper picture frame, or Whistle-Tickle (note hyphenation and capitalization to mark the difference between the superset and the subset), and the lower picture frame, or Stoo-Ree (not an entirely accurate written name for it, but that’s the closest thing to a name I had for the second half of Whistletickle. I used to look at that lower picture frame and go “stooh-ree” in the type of voice you would expect a brain cell deficit henchman to have, so that’s its name now. This also implies to me that Stoo-Ree was the “henchman” of Whistle-Tickle, who was the “leader”, a bit like the wizards in the Magic Crafter’s world from Spyro 1.)

As for the picture frames themselves, Whistle-Tickle has a brown metal (likely brass or bronze) or frame with a faux-woodgrain “tape” on the front of it (to make it appear as if it has polished wood perhaps), with an oval-shaped “mat” (piece of paper between the photograph and the glass, completely decorative element) that had some kind of paisley-esque or maybe vaguely floral pattern on it. The whole thing is sepia. Whistle-Tickle has an x:y ratio of (approximately) 4:5 (more accurately 4:~5.023).

Stoo-Ree, on the other hand, has a thicker bezel, a wooden frame made of a lighter wood than Whistle-Tickle’s faux-woodgrain, and an x:y ratio of 344:297, also has a monochrome photograph (but if I remember correctly, true black and white as opposed to sepia), also has an oval-shaped mat, and also has “floral”/”paisley” patterns on the mat. One of them, I remember, because I climbed up near Whistletickle once (I was quite brave when I wanted to be, or perhaps my curiosity overpowered what fear I had), had blue markings on it. This was not discernible from what information I have now. I remember it being Whistle-Tickle that has the blue markings and not Stoo-Ree but soon enough I will know. The photograph of the living room that I used to reconstruct the x:y dimensions of Stoo-Ree was too far from Whistletickle for the blue markings to have been visible on either of the two.

Stoo-Ree is centered below Whistle-Tickle, there is a gap between them. The y:y ratio between the height of Whistle-Tickle and the size of the gap is 25:8.

The x:x ratio between Whistle-Tickle’s width and Stoo-Ree’s width is 1:2, and the y:y ratio between Whistle-Tickle’s height and Stoo-Ree’s height is 8:11. From this, they can be reconstructed mathematically.

The usual Whistletickle activation went like this:

• I would be in the living room, likely watching television or doing something equally normal for an American of my demographic, just not playing any real video games besides low-quality vtech trashware, as for the Déjà Vu I’ve mentioned, I did not have a PS1 (and certainly didn’t possess the knowhow to install an emulator) at the time. (although with the Spyro 1 Déjà Vu that sent my mind back to that living room around this time era I am not so certain about that, possible timeline instability, or I’ve been lied to about my past, which in my opinion is less likely but still worth considering₁)

• Suddenly, there is a “popping” sound, like a fuse blowing in the distance, or like a single kernel of popcorn, or maybe more like an old-fashioned camera flash (less of a click noise and more of a pop noise). My ears also began to ring. If I remember correctly, there was also a cinematic blur and an amber tint, but this may simply be because the room was lit by incandescent lighting, or shoehorning in details based on 4th density dimensional isolations, but I still feel that there was that yellowness and cinematic blur. There was a different vibe, for sure.

• Time stopped or I was “perception filtered”, I am not completely sure. I believe Whistletickle has activated when others were present, but they either:

◦ Did not notice / see Whistletickle occurring

◦ Did perceive the occurrence of Whistletickle, but did not give a sliver of a damn.₁

• I was levitated off the floor and up towards the wall. Often times, I was facing the wall initially, but I remember being able to see the rest of the room, as if I were a security camera occupying the same coordinates as Whistletickle.

• Once my back was up against Whistle-Tickle, I felt it tickling me as if it was blowing a raspberry on my back, except without the physical contact pressure idiosyncratic to such activity from a biological entity. There may or may not have been an “electric” feeling to it. If I remember correctly, I was able to block it with my hands sometimes, by reaching behind my back and blocking contact.

• It was “true” tickling and not the weak type idiosyncratic to paranormal encounters, but I am unsure if I laughed or not. I likely was not able to; my voice, if I remember correctly, was “hoarse”, or like I was underwater.

• Then I was either instantaneously deposited back to where I was, as if via teleportation, or levitated back. I am not certain which it was.
There were sounds associated to the Whistletickle phenomena but the exact timing for the first one and order in which the sounds play is not yet fully, accurately recalled. The first is a “woh-hoh” sort of noise that I do not yet know of a reference point for what would make a similar noise. It was a whistling noise. This is the reason why the entity’s name is Whistletickle. The second was a sort of “screech” but not really, might be more like a raspy “laugh” mixed with the sound of wiping glass. Not the singular wiping of glass noise, but as if that sound were replicated many times. I cannot quite accurately describe/replicate it yet.

Possible temporal orders:

• As I was levitated closer, the “woh-hoh” fades in. Then the “screech” occurs simultaneous to the tickling.

• The screech occurs simultaneous to the tickling, then Whistletickle goes “woh-hoh woh-hoh woh-hoh”, as if celebrating its “achievement”.

• The “woh-hoh” occurs both on approach and on departure. The screech occurs during the tickling.
I have a degree of uncertainty as to whether this occurred in physical space or if it occurred in the astral plane. It may have been fourth density/malleable physicality.

If I remember correctly, whistling in the living room had a chance, but not a guarantee, to trigger Whistletickle. It may have been dependent on the presence of the entity itself, in some lines of possibility (is the ship/spirit within operational range? Etheric levels?).

Whistletickle seemed to have a start-point in memory (if it wasn’t always happening, it started in 2007~2008) and ended in 2009~2010, if I remember correctly, it may have terminated when I started going to school.

Searching my memory for bits of media linked to the phenomenon (other than the anomalous Déjà Vu connecting the living room in that time-frame and Spyro 1 (its implication is that I had been to that level before while in the living room at that time), specifically, the area around the portal to Town Square in Artisan’s World), archival retrieves a dubious quality 3 A.M. fever dream of a television program (viewed on DVD, not over antenna television) called “3-2-1 Penguins!”. Further Wikipedia+TV Tropes-scanning and “deep storage” memory querying reveals a high connection to the third episode of the first season (Carnival of Complaining), and indicates that the event was either initially catalyzed, or may have merely just been triggered by the “Bizzmoff the Amazing Juggler” sequence(s).

In 2008 or one of its adjacent years, I had this dream:

I "wake up" at night, in my bed, the room is dark, even my lamp is off.

I walk out of my room, parents arguing / panicking over trying to fix something in the bathroom, which has the light on.

I walk through the hallway, which has the light off, into and through the kitchen which has the light on, into and through the dining room which has the light off, into the living room which has the television on.

The television is tuned to static, and on the east side of the room, I am entering from the south.

The room is lit only by the television. The OEM of the television, for reference, is/may have been ORION. (this was not a detail in the dream, but rather, the television in the dream was the same as the one in real life in that house, which was an ORION cathode ray picture tube at one point, likely from the late 90s or early 2000s, but I would not doubt it being older. That living room went through 3 TV sets that I remember. A smaller one, and a larger one, I think possibly a third smaller one but I’m not sure. I know that one of the smaller ones was made by ORION.)

I approach the television, feeling a foreboding vibe emanating from the north side of the room as I approach, a hostile-ish energy emanates from the cathode ray tube.

After having crossed the line delineated by the television on the east and the couch and clocks on the west, I approach the north or north-east sector of the room and look to the north-west at the picture frames on the wall.

As I looked at Whistletickle, it spoke in a deep, reverberating, menacing voice. A "clock-like" voice, the voice you would expect an old tower clock to have, a voice I believe I have heard in another dream₂, which I will describe later.

It fired a double-helix beam, one of the helices was red, the other was green. There was a straight beam at their barycenter which was either yellow or turquoise. Whistle-Tickle glowed turquoise. The beam may have been fired from Whistle-Tickle or Stoo-Ree. I do not know if Stoo-Ree glowed turquoise as well or not.

The double-helical beam fired at me by Whistletickle either tickled or it felt like a sort of cold-hot-electric "energy burn" + ache (or both), my memory is having difficulty accurately recalling precise, absolute somatic information. Nonetheless, the beam's effects were unpleasant.

I turned and ran, but as I approached the line delineated by the television, it was as if there was gravity towards Whistletickle, or inversely, a repulsion field from the south side of the room (which would be more accurate to how gravity works, as an event horizon only allows further motion towards the singularity). The likely outcome was that I was going to be levitated off the ground and towards Whistletickle, as I have many times before.

This is where the memory record cuts out or where I woke up.

Long after Whistletickle had terminated or at the very least left me alone, in August of 2021, I was discussing something, likely pertaining to one of my conspiracy/alien theories and, unlike usual processing of possibilities, the thought of being tickled on the sides by grey aliens was imagined with such “force” and so quickly that it made me physically cringe, as if it were memory of an abduction and not imagination.

Perhaps the “scary”/”hostile” vibe of Whistletickle was caused by Whistletickle possibly being connected to the greys? They do have an energy field that causes humans to feel ill.

While attempting to enter a Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming/Active Dreaming state, I almost always feel some invisible force tickling me, usually on my legs, which disrupts the process.

₁Why would my family completely wipe Spyro from my history and memory? Well, if they knew about Whistletickle occurring and didn’t give a damn, then that has implications that they were involved in it. If they were aware, why didn’t they rush to me and try and pull me down out of the air? Why erase Spyro from my memory? My family being evil/complicit with Whistletickle and erasing Spyro from my memory would certainly lend credence to my “Spyro is my higher self” theory. Just a low-probability hypothesis. For once in my “making weird esoteric theories about Spyro again” career I hope I’m wrong.

₂I was standing on the back porch of my current (as of 2022) home and observing some apocalyptic event, it was late evening. I was discussing random topics, I think I pulled up the name of some oil company on my phone (this was 2020, I didn’t have a phone at the time), I was mocking it. Asteroids/meteors were falling from the sky and hitting random things. At some point before watching SHTF from my back porch, I was in the city closer to midday, or at least at a gas station, which was well-lit. I believe the station was run by that oil company. When on the porch, there is a tremor, I fall on my ass and see the sky has turned red, dusty, and clouded. There are many brownish rocks, asteroids/meteors, flying from the east to the west, while a deep, reverberating, angry voice says the Catholic church will collapse, or something like that. I believe it implied the church had sinned.

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Where do autists go when they die naturally? Where do they go when they kill themselves?

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>desire is... le bad!

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AAAAAAA Why whenever I have a good thought there's a bad thought and then it keeps going down and down and I feel like it permanently ruins my thinking I would have achieved gnosis if not for this issue

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Why aliums mostly interested in US?

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What are cryogenically suspended people experiencing? What have they experienced since the 60s or 70s or whenever they were frozen?

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how do i make myself go insane?