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Chud 2023/03/18 15:44:40 №/a/30442   [Report]
Recommend me some other trangas where the main character develops a mental illness derived from an obsession with sex and ends up wanting to chop off his junk in order to please their 41% friends.
Chud 2023/03/18 22:40:58 №/a/30460  [Report]
ookumo-chan flashback
Chud 2023/03/18 23:32:40 №/a/30461  [Report]
What the fuck is this oedipus complex bullshit, this better end up with the MC crushing his balls with a boulder or something.
Chud 2023/03/19 16:35:47 №/a/30494  [Report]
Homunculus has tranny grooming
Chud 2023/03/19 17:18:41 №/a/30496  [Report]
dont care
i will not reccomend tranny fetish manga, i will instead recommend whatever the fuck i want
I will saturate your thread with my personal tastes
File: 1678696312651.jpg (22 KB)
Chud 2023/03/19 19:42:49 №/a/30503  [Report]
bring it on then faggot, my magnificent thread will take your sabotage head on beacause it can.
Chud 2023/03/19 20:00:58 №/a/30504  [Report]
tengoku daimakyou is kino tranga w/ a trans mc and a hermaphrodite
also it has an anime coming soon
Chud 2023/03/19 20:01:35 №/a/30505  [Report]
no green arrow therefore you say and look like this

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