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Chud 2022/11/07 16:19:01 No. /b/44193   [Report]
Are there more shotacons than lolicons on the sharty?
Chud 2022/11/07 16:20:29 No. /b/44194  [Report]
I'm the only loliGOD on here i think
Chud 2022/11/07 16:22:40 No. /b/44195  [Report]
I don't know if I'm either, though, I wish I had sex with my really feminine-looking best friend when we were in 9th grade. He seemed like he may have been gay.
Chud 2022/11/07 16:24:07 No. /b/44196  [Report]
not a fetish board
also reported
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Chud 2022/11/07 16:24:45 No. /b/44197  [Report]
Not a shotacon but I self-insert as the shota
Chud 2022/11/07 17:31:58 No. /b/44200  [Report]
'hotagod reporting in
Chud 2022/11/07 17:38:20 No. /b/44201  [Report]
booru filename lets me instantly know you're a troon
Chud 2022/11/07 19:13:40 No. /b/44202  [Report]

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