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>...Anonymous ## Mod Mod Icon Sticky Closed
>Welcome to /bant/
>05/04/17(Thu)15:59:02 No.2
>Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random
>/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.
>No porn dump threads - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.
>...Anonymous (ID: E1MLdRsK)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:59:47 No.16473533
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>got banned from /pol/ for posting ratatouille porn. how was your day?
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>...!!6C+Rw+GBFun (ID: L7CoHT2G)
>11/09/22(Wed)14:04:15 No.16473544
>>>16473539 #
>it's the worst food ever
>i would rather eat some soil than that shit
>>>16473546 #
>...Anonymous (ID: Ej1D3BwM)
>11/09/22(Wed)14:04:48 No.16473545
>>>16473541 #
>especially with mill and butter or mushrooms
>...Anonymous (ID: Ej1D3BwM)
>11/09/22(Wed)14:05:05 No.16473546
>>>16473544 #
>you just larp
>...Anonymous (ID: nMnw8SEN)
>11/09/22(Wed)12:30:20 No.16473259
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>>Belgian hatebump. Fuck those guys.
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>...Anonymous (ID: miGbR5Bb)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:58:29 No.16473531
>Belgian hatebump. Fuck those guys.
>...Anonymous (ID: g83QAMFS)
>11/09/22(Wed)14:01:16 No.16473535
>nederland beter ('zellig)
>...Anonymous (ID: 6QbRj920)
>11/09/22(Wed)14:04:01 No.16473543
>...Anonymous (ID: AGwlXV5Y)
>11/09/22(Wed)01:50:05 No.16471383
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>wokeuporino time to play more AC and TW and maybe watching some GoT and TS
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>...Anonymous (ID: AGwlXV5Y)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:51:26 No.16473518
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>>>16473507 #
>>you: waah waah waah boohoo
>yawn dont care
>I wanna have fun. But I dont wanna try too hard while roleplayingorino
>I wanna actually grow settlements for once and manage population growth and all that stuff at a comfortable pace
>>>16473527 #
>...!!6C+Rw+GBFun (ID: svxtdCUZ)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:57:34 No.16473527
>>>16473518 #
>yes that's what i said dt, it's morally correct to not tryhard and to play on an easy mode all the time
>...Anonymous (ID: g98u5OqI)
>11/09/22(Wed)14:03:30 No.16473542
>>>16473507 #
>>it's always morally correct to play games on the easiest difficulty
>depends on the genre
>if you play shmups on easy that either means you are a child or you are senile
>...Anonymous (ID: uAtE87AJ)
>11/09/22(Wed)14:02:43 No.16473540
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>>struggles with being consistent even with the most basic things like taking supplements daily or trimming fingernails
>its literally over
>...Anonymous (ID: DQ1XF56I)
>blessings of shit economy
>11/09/22(Wed)13:32:45 No.16473504
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>>be me poor roach
>>living in an apartment mostly inhabited by afghan-syrian workers, they live in 3 bedroom apartments in groups of 10-15, apartment feels like rush hour new delhi
>>but since last year the population has a steady decrease
>>asked the afghan smoking outside where are his friends
>>he says turkish economy has become so bad they are migrating to europe
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>...Anonymous (ID: 9qg0aA6G)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:58:11 No.16473529
>>>16473504 (OP) #
>europe is going to collapse though so they're going to move back in LOL!!!!!!!!!
>...Anonymous (ID: bY1vBFzx)
>11/09/22(Wed)14:01:38 No.16473538
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>Same in Spain. Shitworlders and pretend-refugees cross the Mediterranean and the first thing they want to do is cross the Pyrenees to France.
>Our welfare system isn't enough to keep them here, they want European-tier welfare.
>Since most of Africa speaks French they suck up most of the trash, but some inevitably stays here stinking the cities.
>God, I wish I was rich enough to live rural or in suburbs, either that or emigrate.
>...Anonymous (ID: /nJnqURS)
>11/09/22(Wed)08:24:32 No.16472911
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>bmt stays up for 12 hours but post futanari and it gets instantly deleted
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>...Anonymous (ID: RS+UXD50)
>11/09/22(Wed)10:14:03 No.16473099
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>...8======================D !k0tID/1iPE (ID: Fai/+a1j)
>11/09/22(Wed)10:24:30 No.16473117
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>...Anonymous (ID: oOov8D+a)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:58:42 No.16473532
>fuck you for tempting me with futa cocks
>11/09/22(Wed)11:24:59 No.16473338
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>>Be American
>>Make 200k/year at 22% tax as a remote software engineer
>>Live in large home and spacious home
>>Own guns
>>Go hunting frequently
>>Be Europoor
>>Go bankrupt if you leave your heating on overnight
>>Pay 50% in taxes out of your 10k salary to Muslim immigrants who rape and murder you
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>...Anonymous (ID: i6Y9Wr9q)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:32:04 No.16473503
>>>16473501 #
>nuff said
>...Anonymous (ID: h4bGk2jc)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:34:19 No.16473506
>>>16473338 (OP) #
>Riddle me this,
>If europeans are obsessed with mutts why don't I see them posting about america all the time?
>...Anonymous (ID: AeOwz5tA)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:58:13 No.16473530
>>>16473338 (OP) #
>>Be Europoor
>All of this is true, except the 10k yearly salary. It's more 15-20 k for the average plebs here.
>...Anonymous (ID: mOBFii1N)
>11/09/22(Wed)11:52:40 No.16473230
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>i want you to tell me what you think of this image in 5 words or less
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>...Anonymous (ID: 8otaE2kt)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:54:22 No.16473520
>>>16473280 #
>you are a little bitch
>>>16473528 #
>...Anonymous (ID: TUylpLGj)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:57:23 No.16473526
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>>>16473230 (OP) #
>...Anonymous (ID: o0AzIvfm)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:57:35 No.16473528
>>>16473520 #
>>d*glover uses his faggot animal as an insult
>do i have to say anything?
>...Anonymous (ID: vXfQjGcP)
>I shall do my duty of sharing (...)
>11/09/22(Wed)01:56:11 No.16471422
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>https://youtu.be/SyI3kJoKRk4 [Open]
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>...Anonymous (ID: lPfr4GL4)
>11/09/22(Wed)08:57:34 No.16473000
>actually i take that back, this is nice. it reminds me of old mlp pmvs.
>...Anonymous (ID: 4hkAWDHJ)
>11/09/22(Wed)12:04:54 No.16473242
>>>16471422 (OP) #
>https://youtu.be/9gvswd1I8qo [Open]
>...Anonymous (ID: 8HLYpOF/)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:56:32 No.16473525
>Haha timote!! Hhahhahha Timote haha!!! TIMOTE!!!! obscure refference? You dont get it?? Dont worey, thats to be expected SINCE YOUR NOT JAPENESE ENOUGH!!
>...Anonymous (ID: 9JISchPh)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:56:19 No.16473524
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>duckcord here
>...Bulgogi (ID: yq9dq6+c)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:50:37 No.16473517
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>...!!6C+Rw+GBFun (ID: J746fLEH)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:55:37 No.16473522
>bulgogi i think you confused bant with biz
>...Anonymous (ID: csbR3hPr)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:56:03 No.16473523
>bulgogi i think i have nigger fatigue what should i do
>...Anonymous (ID: 27RlXjry)
>11/09/22(Wed)13:55:04 No.16473521
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>655 KB PNG
>>tfw 6'0 but in the netherlands
>Should i move somewhere else where this manlet height is more acceptable?
>...Anonymous (ID: KSM4m1+U)
>11/06/22(Sun)10:36:11 No.16451263
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>495 KB PNG
>more like
>lole xdddddd
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>...Anonymous (ID: EhWx5gSj)
>11/08/22(Tue)23:24:02 No.16470726
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>...Anonymous (ID: 98hkN2Bk)
>11/09/22(Wed)01:27:21 No.16471281
>>>16457937 #
>zamn dude lemme take a rip off dat
>...Anonymous (ID: EhWx5gSj)
>11/09/22(Wed)05:01:57 No.16472436
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>...Anonymous (ID: U7EgaS4N)
>11/04/22(Fri)08:31:36 No.16435906
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>Can random posting cure fragile egos?
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>...!hlhygrYEBA (ID: 4O8qO5ZX)
>11/09/22(Wed)03:35:53 No.16472105
>can a hammer to your dome cure you being alive?
>...Anonymous (ID: EzByWHCv)
>11/09/22(Wed)05:01:39 No.16472433
>1.81 MB
>1.81 MB JPG
>...Anonymous (ID: 118zzBn0)
>11/09/22(Wed)05:04:23 No.16472444
>it inflates your ego and turns you into an annoying tranny

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