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Chud SPAIN 2022/11/15 16:50:08 №/int/20795   [Report]
Do you like Spain?
Chud 2022/11/15 18:37:20 №/int/20799  [Report]
Why couldn’t you fags make successful colonies like the British so I wouldn’t have to deal with so many shitskins
Chud 2022/11/16 11:59:06 №/int/20813  [Report]
Because they killed off the jews before colonizing, unlike angloids
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Chud 2022/11/16 12:37:28 №/int/20826  [Report]
The circumstances were much, much different. The British colonized mostly empty land.

When Spain started colonialism, transoceanic travel was in its early stages and was a deadly, once-in-a-lifetime thing, never to return from it. It wasn't rare that half of the people who attempted the trip would die in it.

For this reason, most people who would embark on such an adventure would mostly only be men. So they couldn't bring their own women until much later.

That's one reason the continent is a mestizo hellscape.

The second reason is that most of North America was mostly unpopulated, with just a few nomadic & semi-nomadic tribes here and there, whereas Central & South America were highly populated, with entire civilizations of their own.

So no matter how many Europeans would try to cross the ocean, their genetics would be a drop in the ocean compared to the MILLIONS that already lived there.

Still, it turns out that most (>90%) modern day "native" people have the male Y chromosome of European origin, yet 90% of their overall genetics were still native. Really says a lot about what happened in the early years.
Chud 2022/11/16 23:37:33 №/int/20855  [Report]
>unsuccessful even tho they make gemmy gore videos
Chud 2022/11/29 15:26:09 №/int/21643  [Report]
Chud 2022/12/29 11:51:49 №/int/24172  [Report]
Chud 2023/02/14 10:10:12 №/int/27420  [Report]
Chud 2023/02/19 05:16:52 №/int/27722  [Report]
i plan on going there for college and staying after but your bureaucracy is annoying this shit takes too long i need to escape the niggers NOW
Chud 2023/02/19 14:23:49 №/int/27744  [Report]
You'll get to deal with moroccans and gypsies instead
Chud 2023/02/20 03:46:03 №/int/27792  [Report]
No. Spain will always be a slut for BMC (Big Moroccan Cock)
Chud 2023/02/20 04:00:00 №/int/27795  [Report]
Spanish history:

711AD: addicted to BMC (big MOROCCAN cock)
Spain 2000s: love BMC so much they import thousands of BMCs straight from Morocco
Modern Day 2022AD: cant stop thinking about BMC so much their country is collapsing while Morocco becomes the superpower of the world
Chud 2023/03/08 21:53:55 №/int/29513  [Report]
Nope. Death to Mexico and Spain
Chud 2023/03/12 05:43:57 №/int/29872  [Report]
I do, honestly. I want to visit Galicia.

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