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Chud 2023/01/10 20:51:11 №/int/24696   [Report]
This could be you but you're a racist bigot
Chud 2023/01/10 20:53:13 №/int/24697  [Report]
yes that could. but you left out the bpd nightmare weeks. the lack of trust. generally a beastial experience. no thank you
Chud 2023/01/26 09:25:20 №/int/25923  [Report]
Asians are ugly and if I want to have sex with one I can just use a prostitute
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Chud 2023/01/26 23:20:18 №/int/25947  [Report]
Asians are just running a takeover of the country using women because they're too faggy to kill us
Chud 2023/01/27 02:38:11 №/int/25956  [Report]
dont asians carry bird flu?
Chud 2023/01/27 02:38:47 №/int/25957  [Report]
no arrow
Chud 2023/01/27 14:16:33 №/int/25963  [Report]
You're candidian your entire country is flooded with asian's cause no-one could get a wife.
Chud 2023/01/27 14:59:46 №/int/25964  [Report]
You made them thought
Chud 2023/01/27 20:23:08 №/int/25974  [Report]
Im serbian btw
Chud 2023/01/27 21:44:44 №/int/25976  [Report]
Stop this unfunny meme you retarded bong
Chud 2023/01/28 00:29:09 №/int/25983  [Report]
who pissed in your pasulj
Chud 2023/01/28 00:43:19 №/int/25984  [Report]
Chud 2023/01/28 00:45:38 №/int/25985  [Report]

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