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Chud 2023/01/21 12:59:13 №/int/25570   [Report]
> Lula’s opponent, incumbent Jair Bolsonaro, is under fire after a video surfaced of him saying that he would eat human flesh, and that in fact he tried to do this once but his friends talked him out of it. Is Brazil okay?

> “Yes, to eat,” answers Bolsonaro, then an obscure congressman. “They cook it for two or three days and then eat it with banana. I wanted to see an Indian being cooked but the guy said if you go, you have to eat it. ‘I’ll eat it,’ I said. But no one else in my group wanted to go … so I didn’t go. But I’d eat an Indian, no problem at all. It’s their culture.”
Chud 2023/01/21 13:30:30 №/int/25572  [Report]
Chud 2023/01/21 16:38:07 №/int/25582  [Report]
Subhuman Brazilians
Chud 2023/01/21 19:51:57 №/int/25605  [Report]
monkey soup qualifies as cannibalism

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