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Chud 2023/02/28 17:53:24 №/int/28527   [Report]
africa general
Chud 2023/02/28 17:54:01 №/int/28528  [Report]
Chud 2023/02/28 18:07:35 №/int/28530  [Report]
fuck you
File: 'alm.gif (2 MB)
Chud 2023/02/28 18:09:32 №/int/28531  [Report]
Chud 2023/02/28 18:13:09 №/int/28532  [Report]
khawa khawa ?
Chud 2023/02/28 18:18:57 №/int/28534  [Report]
Chud 2023/02/28 18:22:10 №/int/28535  [Report]
Yikes, who invited the /mena/cord?
File: cobyson.png (99 KB)
Chud 2023/02/28 18:22:51 №/int/28536  [Report]
>Yikes, who invited the /mena/cord?
Chud 2023/02/28 18:24:06 №/int/28537  [Report]
Shut up retard
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Chud 2023/02/28 18:25:32 №/int/28538  [Report]
Chud 2023/02/28 20:09:42 №/int/28543  [Report]
Is there two of you now ?
File: 1621064762644.jpg (1 MB)
Chud 2023/02/28 20:18:08 №/int/28546  [Report]
Once in a blue moon another one shows up, they usually don't stick around, can't blame them, this site is too repetitive and boring, I'm considering leaving as well.
Chud 2023/02/28 20:24:06 №/int/28547  [Report]
What made you stay in the first place?
Chud 2023/02/28 21:02:57 №/int/28550  [Report]
I'm working full time now, can't come up with anything good most of the time...
Chud 2023/02/28 21:45:59 №/int/28554  [Report]
moroccan don't fool yourself, you told me many times about how you want to "leave n sheet", you are simply addicted to this site, beyond recovery actually. Also i'd like to see the promised drawing tutorials drop before you leave
Chud 2023/02/28 22:43:43 №/int/28558  [Report]
so, do you actually have schizophrenia ?
Chud 2023/03/01 02:06:50 №/int/28572  [Report]
are you friends with hombre
Chud 2023/03/01 02:11:21 №/int/28573  [Report]
I'm a jakker, I like soyjaks, I hate it when I post a soyjak on 4chan and a faggot has to mention this site instead of /qa/
Not now, but hopefully soon, I'm surprised some of you still like it here.
No, do you?
Chud 2023/03/01 02:11:55 №/int/28574  [Report]
I only interact with xir on /bant/
Chud 2023/03/01 02:19:50 №/int/28575  [Report]
is there any way I can talk to him in private
Chud 2023/03/01 02:34:34 №/int/28576  [Report]
Try joining kogasatopia and asking him there
Chud 2023/03/01 02:36:26 №/int/28577  [Report]
yeah I was going to try adding him or masada to dm them but I thought they would reject the request
Chud 2023/03/01 02:56:29 №/int/28578  [Report]
its over
Chud 2023/03/01 08:52:48 №/int/28588  [Report]
Make Africa a whites-only colony
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Chud 2023/03/02 06:14:40 №/int/28687  [Report]
So you're the one with tourettes ?
Chud 2023/03/02 15:45:18 №/int/28703  [Report]
If it were funny and creative and not just gross I'd like it
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Chud 2023/03/13 05:13:52 №/int/29964  [Report]
Tell us what it's like living and growing up in Africa
Chud 2023/03/13 09:33:09 №/int/29982  [Report]
How would he know ? He's a diaspora mf traitor, the quicker his vpn ass bullshit is rangebanned the better this forum will be without his blacked spam and trannime shitposting
Chud 2023/03/13 20:29:32 №/int/30035  [Report]
Tell us what it's like living and growing up in Africa
Chud 2023/03/13 22:29:51 №/int/30055  [Report]
>chocolate bars
that's all your have to say about a continent and your country culture and race holy shit dude
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Chud 2023/03/13 22:33:14 №/int/30056  [Report]
been studying haiti lately it's interesting does black carribean count for africa general i think it should it's basically floating africa
Chud 2023/03/13 22:34:41 №/int/30057  [Report]
Sure hecking retard, i'm going with fellows moors to invade al-andalus at 10yo

What the hell am i supposed to say ? Kids do kids stuff, except in north korea and algeria
Chud 2023/03/13 22:46:22 №/int/30058  [Report]
what you can't discuss growing up? and insult me? ohhh uhh it's normal

no shit sherlock
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Chud 2023/03/13 22:48:08 №/int/30059  [Report]
>fav Moroccan memory

>growing up islamic/arabic

>uhh talk about western sahara and spain and shit

pulled that out of my ass in like two seconds man
Chud 2023/03/13 22:59:36 №/int/30060  [Report]
>elliot rodgers step mom was from morrocco he thought she was a cunt and tried to shoot her
>two women were beheaded from sweden and denmark in morroco
File: aOQbGrN_700b.jpg (37 KB)
Chud 2023/03/13 23:23:23 №/int/30065  [Report]
I don't really remember much to be honest, i have a mental condition or something like that
How did can you be so accurate damn
The womans were killed by algerians trannies who crossed the border from mauritania, nothing to do with morocco
File: couch-kid.gif (946 KB)
Chud 2023/03/13 23:44:34 №/int/30067  [Report]
>they're not moroccan.gif
mental condition kek? so Moroccan then?
>so accurate damn
don't mock me
File: arabic master race.png (126 KB)
Chud 2023/03/13 23:51:35 №/int/30068  [Report]
fav Moroccan food? song? spoon feed me ur culture
Chud 2023/03/14 03:18:08 №/int/30078  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/14 07:25:06 №/int/30079  [Report]
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File: ClipboardImage.png (1 MB)
Chud 2023/03/14 10:01:15 №/int/30083  [Report]
I don't listen much to music so idk

We only live to eat tho, morocco has like 200+ culinary recipes and each of them is delicious, i'd say my top 3 is :

Rfissa, Couscous, and the chicken seffa

Pic related

It always grinds my gears when someone reduce morocco to couscous when we have the best cuisine in the world (actually, it's not the french for one simple reason : most of french plates are for high-end restaurants, while any moroccan woman can cook at least 50 different recipes by herself for the family)

A couscous doesn't contain chicken, nor sausage, it's hard pieces of beef or sheep with delicious fat.

Rfissa on the other end is the best plate you'll ever taste if you have the occasion, i'm not even kidding, you could eat it until you throw up, well sauced and wet it's divine.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to say the most important, nearly all moroccan dishes are put in a big large common plate generally for 5-15 persons, because individual dishes are for skinny faggots and vegans
Chud 2023/03/14 19:42:02 №/int/30113  [Report]
Why do all your dishes look like they've been through a slow cooker for 10 hours ?
File: ClipboardImage.png (108 KB)
Chud 2023/03/14 20:42:50 №/int/30121  [Report]
Well they usually are launched when you wake up, especially couscous because it takes hours to cook (it's vapor cooked)

Sauce is cooked on the bottom while couscous is on the top (there is little holes to let vapor throught)
Chud 2023/03/15 20:58:07 №/int/30245  [Report]
smh should have gotten a moroccan gf to cook all my meals
Chud 2023/03/16 12:43:26 №/int/30369  [Report]
I'm african doe
Chud 2023/03/16 23:43:40 №/int/30419  [Report]
>Moroccoal leaving
File: RhodesiaHistory.webm (5 MB)
Chud 2023/03/18 06:47:30 №/int/30501  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/18 11:33:17 №/int/30502  [Report]
Holy gem
Chud 2023/03/18 17:17:19 №/int/30510  [Report]
good tho, this idea you can actually help out black people is retarded, you could give them a brick of gold and they'd throw it in the ocean cause a whitey gave it too them.
Chud 2023/03/18 17:22:49 №/int/30512  [Report]
im black or something
Chud 2023/03/18 21:36:56 №/int/30527  [Report]
Why do you guys have brown skin? That's a little messed up and uncouth. :/

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