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Chud 2022/09/03 00:31:49 №/muv/17741   [Report]
Filth: Fingerboy
Stray: Feraljak
Schism: Two Pointing
Soldier: Robo Feral
Stalker: Perro Rabioso
Sisyphean Insurrectionist: 'some but it's like in the chest
Ferryman - Cobson
Malicious face - all different types of variants; possibly regular/front facing
Cerberus: gem swede
Hideous Mass: Gorejak/ Prolapsed Cobson
Idol: Statue of Gigachad
Swordsmachine: 'Plier
Drone: Swede
Street cleaner: A24
Mindflayer: Trannyack
Sentry: it's out
Virtue: Chudjak
V2: swede gigachad
Corpse of king minos: ==SOOOOOOOT==
Gabriel: ==KUZZZZZZZ=
Levathian: a bunch of jaks stitched together
Flesh prison: ==SOOOO BOOOOOT==
Minos prime: ??? but maybe /qa/tan soot
Chud 2022/09/03 00:37:23 №/muv/17742  [Report]
holy red text fail
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Chud 2022/09/03 00:57:46 №/muv/17743  [Report]
soyjak_classic yellow_skin
feraljak yellow_skin
chudjak yellow_skin
Stalker: palm oil jak
Ferryman - science_lover
Malicious face - 56jak_banana
Cerberus: squirrel
Hideous Mass: Origami layout
Idol: KiwiFarms
Swordsmachine: tree_variant:gapejak
Casts: ominous_starvation, ethereal_steal, envirojak_summon
Element: Science/Environmental
Daily ability: Powerline shortcut

■This thread is stored in the log warehouse.