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Chud 2022/09/03 21:46:32 №/muv/17752   [Report]
What games are played on this app?
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Chud 2022/09/03 21:55:19 №/muv/17753  [Report]
I fucking hate politicals
Chud 2022/09/04 16:50:17 №/muv/17759  [Report]
Only straight white/asian men play video games all day. Other politicals may play video games, but not nearly as much as we do.
Chud 2022/09/05 00:26:45 №/muv/17763  [Report]
why are there disgusting niggers and women on the right I almost puked
Chud 2022/09/05 14:37:14 №/muv/17766  [Report]
I play Kerbal space program. I would gladly take a BKC up my ass every day. Humanbois are inferior. They are being bred to extinction by kerbvlls.
Chud 2022/09/05 23:01:45 №/muv/17770  [Report]
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Chud 2022/09/05 23:04:36 №/muv/17771  [Report]

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