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Chud 2022/10/28 12:27:55 No. /muv/18862   [Report]
Is Victoria III any good? I'm not the biggest paradox fanboy but I can at least give this one a try, but if it's not worth my time then I won't bother.
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Chud 2022/10/29 01:44:29 No. /muv/18866  [Report]
Not worth it since they removed ideologies for interest groups and other things. Also the culture map looks like shit and is way too clean.
Chud 2022/10/29 01:55:26 No. /muv/18867  [Report]
I've honestly been enjoying it, you might just want to pirate it because most mods are pretty shit right now. I shilled out the 50 bucks doe

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