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Chud 2022/11/02 01:02:46 No. /muv/18896   [Report]
I have a great film for you 'teens

It basically goes through how a bunch of new age mysticism was the precursor to modern day globohomo. It's incredibly fascinating watching how all of their predictions come true. Any more films like this?
Chud 2022/11/02 01:28:08 No. /muv/18897  [Report]
christian gemmy
Chud 2022/11/02 03:25:32 No. /muv/18899  [Report]
The Holy Spirit fills all. This much is true. Salvation comes from within, not in the sense that you must disregard scripture and sit around all day thinking about G-d, but rather, that you are the only one who can make yourself accept the divine mysteries, read the gospel, do good acts and accept Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior
Chud 2022/11/02 09:17:35 No. /muv/18903  [Report]
Why is Orange Order soyjak's nose bleeding?

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