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Chud too many poles on here 2023/03/19 06:57:53 №/pol/46437   [Report]
they're really annoying me and only poles and russians whine about nazism
Chud 2023/03/19 09:24:34 №/pol/46443  [Report]
Go back to reddit
File: 31598 - SoyBooru.png (121 KB)
Chud 2023/03/19 09:26:40 №/pol/46444  [Report]
>Go back to reddit
Chud 2023/03/19 09:32:45 №/pol/46445  [Report]
Literally die out
kill yourself or something
File: 31596 - SoyBooru.png (102 KB)
Chud 2023/03/19 09:46:16 №/pol/46446  [Report]
>Literally die out
>kill yourself or something
Chud 2023/03/19 09:54:02 №/pol/46447  [Report]
polish people really out here with the worst takes you've seen in months
File: 1678305100679.png (125 KB)
Chud 2023/03/19 11:18:30 №/pol/46453  [Report]
>people use SoyBooru
its over 'teens, we are now 4chan 2.0
Chud 2023/03/19 12:06:32 №/pol/46454  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 13:31:52 №/pol/46464  [Report]
Why should I care about feelings if a black person though?
Chud 2023/03/19 13:32:19 №/pol/46465  [Report]
Of*, my mistake.
Chud 2023/03/19 13:37:32 №/pol/46466  [Report]
>reddit video
I asked, you desiesed rabid polish dog-human crossbreed. Go shoot yourself with a shotgun on a facebook livestream, before hohlostani swine-livestock rapefugees haven't beat you to death on the streets of your shitpoopkikov town, though.
Chud 2023/03/19 16:08:01 №/pol/46484  [Report]
dont you have some csgo to cheat in
Chud 2023/03/19 17:00:03 №/pol/46489  [Report]
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File: 1660340113472.gif (254 KB)
File: 1659373193361-1.gif (1 MB)
Chud 2023/03/19 17:07:49 №/pol/46490  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 20:25:56 №/pol/46493  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 20:39:09 №/pol/46495  [Report]
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Chud 2023/03/21 15:49:01 №/pol/46727  [Report]
Ok nigger. Choke on Mc Donalds
Chud 2023/03/22 18:19:01 №/pol/46858  [Report]
Poles be like:
>Choke on mcdonalds you fat amercan zionist pig
>Germans deserve to fwiggin die. TGD. They lideyayyy holocausted us

But then when SHTF:
Chud 2023/03/22 18:20:46 №/pol/46859  [Report]
A day in the ife of a pole: wake up, pray to nato and usa for 8 hours, seethe about vatniggers and build monuments of butthurt for 12 hours, then finally sleep for 4 hours.
Chud 2023/03/22 22:30:42 №/pol/46878  [Report]
perfekt, genauso ist es
Chud 2023/03/22 22:48:54 №/pol/46883  [Report]
Averege day in a life of a Polish solider
>siege berlin
Chud 2023/03/22 23:17:30 №/pol/46891  [Report]
Dont you have to beg for Germoney or Amerimutt GIBS?
Chud 2023/03/22 23:34:32 №/pol/46902  [Report]
So you're admiting EU is just a g*rman empire?
File: 1679447808316.gif (249 KB)
Chud 2023/03/23 01:59:41 №/pol/46950  [Report]

>takes german territory instantly underdevelops it
Chud 2023/03/23 04:09:27 №/pol/46956  [Report]
yes and youre white niggers
poles do this. They constantly post and brag about """their great cities""" whilst ALL of them have been under german rule.
Wouldnt even hate them when they wouldnt 24/7 of their time bitch about us, americans or russians endlessly. so insufferable
Chud 2023/03/23 07:39:18 №/pol/46960  [Report]
Explode all Poles. Kill them and rape their corpses (not for pleasure doe)
Chud 2023/03/23 10:37:50 №/pol/46968  [Report]
You literally tried to blow up our cities in ww2. And south of Poland was underdeveloped and exploited before 20th century. Its only under german, and prussian(another made up country) occupation that Polish cities were being developed couse g#rmans wanted to take them for themselves, colonise them, and lie about history.
Silecia is ugly as fuck and sucks btw.
Chud 2023/03/23 10:38:30 №/pol/46969  [Report]
g#rmans are exactly the same as jews in palestine.
File: ClipboardImage.png (373 KB)
Chud 2023/03/23 10:51:16 №/pol/46972  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/23 11:01:16 №/pol/46973  [Report]
Do you want me to start on how much g#rmans worship israel right now?
Chud 2023/03/23 12:11:50 №/pol/46982  [Report]
>It's the germans fault that they didn't developed your cities.
Why poles are such third worlders?
Silesia was a industrial powerhouse when the germans ruled there btw
Chud 2023/03/23 12:13:29 №/pol/46984  [Report]
We were occupied by germany for 123 yeats, who else is supposed to develop them? Silesia was always Polish btw.
Chud 2023/03/23 13:15:47 №/pol/46987  [Report]
>Silesia was always Polish btw.
It was 75% german in the 20th century polesister...
It is shithole now that the pole serfs from the east swamps moved there
Chud 2023/03/23 13:17:00 №/pol/46989  [Report]
Sorry we won, cuck.
Chud 2023/03/23 13:19:44 №/pol/46991  [Report]
And the germans moved out, read a book. also it was 50% at best, and there were Polish uprisings happening constantly, on the german side.
File: 1675704074072.png (18 KB)
Chud 2023/03/23 13:26:29 №/pol/46992  [Report]
Nazism, russia and germany lost. Long live the Anglos, Poles and Jews
Chud 2023/03/23 16:38:41 №/pol/47004  [Report]
stfu Indonesian
File: 1679343731280.jpg (309 KB)
Chud 2023/03/23 16:43:11 №/pol/47005  [Report]
>Nazism, russia and germany lost. Long live the Anglos, Poles and Jews
Chud 2023/03/23 17:05:27 №/pol/47006  [Report]
polish people actually worship auschwitz as a holy site even doe its not even real and it was built by the soviets after 1945
Chud 2023/03/23 17:06:32 №/pol/47007  [Report]
I'm Anglo. If I came to your country would the women slobber on my cock
Chud 2023/03/23 17:17:39 №/pol/47008  [Report]
It's their biggest cultural attraction

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