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Chud /raid/ 2023/01/27 23:17:31 №/raid/32120   [Report]
/raid/ is a board where users who want to organize mostly peaceful events on other websites can do so without interruption.

On /raid/, the OP of a thread can moderate his own thread. Your deletion password will work on the posts of people who reply to your thread as well.

Baiting, spamming, or otherwise trying to crash threads on /raid/ will result in a ban.
Chud 2023/01/27 23:19:07 №/raid/32121  [Report]
Please keep in mind the Public House policy. These threads are not only made, but moderated and audited by users. The administration of this site does not intervene except in cases where a complaint is filed personally or that the law or global policy is broken.

If you have a complaint about a thread on this board, let us know, and we will look into it.

■This thread is stored in the log warehouse.