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Chud [email protected] 2023/03/16 13:36:20 №/raid/38525   [Report]
My name is Eden Altmeyer I'm the owner of /geimu/ fired mod of blacked.gov /v/ and ex owner of tvch.moe /dup/. You can come hang out with me at my apartment at:
309 W Touhy Ave Apt 1W
Park Ridge, IL 60068-4204


or maybe at my workplace Links Technology


My CEO Brian Burke ([email protected]) would love to have a chat with you about my internet shenanigans including masturbating to loli, voicing my strongly negative opinions about Jews and other races and spending my free time harassing groups of innocent anons for petty reasons while retaining zero opsec which allowed my dox to happen.

Please don't use my information for ill purposes like signing me up for a dozen newsletters, filling my mailbox with advertising samples, arranging gay parties at my domicile, or using my name and face for accounts.
Chud 2023/03/19 05:19:23 №/raid/38771  [Report]
zzztranny coal

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