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File: 1663276308373... (164 KB)
Chud 2022/09/18 21:15:02 No. /soy/1115827
>cobniggers someone found daisy's destruction
Chud 2022/09/18 21:15:29 No. /soy/1115830
my bad
File: plierblink.gif (62 KB)
Chud 2022/09/18 21:20:37 No. /soy/1115838
>cobshitters are actually the pedo cult behind daisy's destruction
like clockwork
Chud 2022/09/18 21:21:30 No. /soy/1115839
if you didn't know cobniggers were the cancer killing the sharty, now you know
Chud 2022/09/18 21:22:12 No. /soy/1115841
i knew from the beginning, but kuz doesnt do shit about it
Chud 2022/09/18 21:22:41 No. /soy/1115843
instead of making changes that will help the site he reverts everything because some 'teens complained
Chud 2022/09/18 21:23:22 No. /soy/1115844
this doe
Chud 2022/09/18 21:23:40 No. /soy/1115846
When you say stuff like this it makes it look like you're performing a false flag to get cobby banned
Chud 2022/09/18 21:24:24 No. /soy/1115848
how to save the sharty

ban anyone than posts a cob
Chud 2022/09/18 21:25:02 No. /soy/1115849
how? its true
Chud 2022/09/18 21:25:44 No. /soy/1115850
tsmt, cobsons used to be okay but the discord cliques using it have ruined it
Chud 2022/09/18 21:29:27 No. /soy/1115860
if you check the booru, the original cobsons were pretty good and there was OC in there, but then after sharty was advertised on twitter, the quality of cobson reduced dramatically, its all just non-original reposted hundreds of times coal.
Chud 2022/09/18 21:31:30 No. /soy/1115867
BBCobsons are anti-twitter though.
Chud 2022/09/18 21:34:43 No. /soy/1115876
>BBCobsons are anti-twitter though.
theyre all tbpcorders from twitter doe
Chud 2022/09/18 21:36:36 No. /soy/1115877
No, they're kwaychads, you'll never find a BBCob posted on twitter
Chud 2022/09/18 21:37:50 No. /soy/1115882
calm down tbpcord admin, just admit youre a twitter troon
Chud 2022/09/18 21:39:01 No. /soy/1115885
kys arcturus
File: 15665 - bitin... (94 KB)
Chud 2022/09/18 21:39:13 No. /soy/1115887
Its not and you know it. Only one posting cobson with actual cp is goth who is doing it to destroy cobbys reputation.

This makes anti-cobbers the real cp spammers
Chud 2022/09/18 21:40:41 No. /soy/1115891
arcturus seethe
goth !uf24KlPpE2 2022/09/18 21:40:55 No. /soy/1115892
yall really seething over gemson lmao
Chud 2022/09/18 21:41:16 No. /soy/1115894
Sounds like projection to me
goth !sSNCuDqzwI 2022/09/18 21:41:30 No. /soy/1115895
oops wrong trip this is real one (check chives) hwabag btw kek
File: 18409 - glass... (82 KB)
Chud 2022/09/18 21:41:31 No. /soy/1115896
kys niggerpedophile
goth !9BS.x6.Uco 2022/09/18 21:42:37 No. /soy/1115899
real goth here, HWNBAG, also im a slut 4 bbс
Chud 2022/09/18 21:43:27 No. /soy/1115902
goth !OudrPWaUDQ 2022/09/18 21:43:44 No. /soy/1115904
actual goth here, HWNBAG, i also love bwc
goth !sSNCuDqzwI 2022/09/18 21:44:18 No. /soy/1115905
he will always be a gem, keep seething feralcucks
File: 'son dance sm... (17 KB)
Chud 2022/09/18 21:44:32 No. /soy/1115906
>>>1115876 (You)
>>>1115877 (You)
>>>1115846 (You)
>>>1115887 (You)
>>>1115892 (You)
>>>1115895 (You)
>>>1115899 (You)
>>>1115896 (You)
goth !OudrPWaUDQ 2022/09/18 21:45:08 No. /soy/1115908
he will NEVER be a gem, keep seething cobby cuckies
goth !poNfwy3R1Y 2022/09/18 21:45:58 No. /soy/1115910
all of the above are fake, im the real goth
he will never be a gem
File: 1.png (1020 KB)
File: 2.png (128 KB)
Chud 2022/09/18 21:46:25 No. /soy/1115911
Trannies jerk off to 'P
Chud 2022/09/18 21:47:19 No. /soy/1115913
trans rights are human rights
Chud 2022/09/18 21:47:29 No. /soy/1115914
is a jak based of him? he looks familiar
Chud 2022/09/18 21:48:48 No. /soy/1115916
the fuck you mean 'somehow' that shit has popped up a lot of times over the past years on places like 4chan
File: Commiepedotro... (147 KB)
Chud 2022/09/18 21:50:01 No. /soy/1115919
Chud 2022/09/18 21:50:38 No. /soy/1115921
honestly the one with the purple hair is cute
i'd fuck that boy pussy
Chud 2022/09/18 21:51:34 No. /soy/1115923
>honestly the one with the purple hair is cute
>i'd fuck that boy pussy
Chud 2022/09/18 21:54:49 No. /soy/1115930
Chud 2022/09/18 21:59:35 No. /soy/1115941
pedophilia bad even tho good
File: hardcore_trau... (1 MB)
Chud 2022/09/18 22:02:55 No. /soy/1115945
You short ass nigga with no friends, you need to be sissified by BIG FASCIST COCK right fucking now. You really expect me to think you’re normal when you’re trying to post anti-nazi propaganda on an ironic weightlifting and shrimpfarming website? It doesn’t work, slut, you need to understand that the next fetish you’re looking for beyond diapers is BIG FASCIST COCK. You’re already on this website, and soon you’ll convert. A harddrive full of chuddies… so sad! Like the kids who are caught by their mom having folders full of gigachad, they think the kid’s gay. Same thing for you. Soon you’ll become MINDBROKEN by the BFC and start lusting for /pol/-ites because of how often you visit their site, and ours. This is your fate, you already have no friends, no muscle, no skill, no normal sex perception. This is it, sissification for the slutty communist that needs to be DOMINATED by the Fürher. Inb4 “You’re gay!!” I never said I’d fuck you or was attracted to you. All I said was that weak chin and pale skin of yours will be enough to convince your nu-male manchild mind to turn yourself into a freak obsessed with fucking rightist chuds. It’s already happening wit your women, remember that reddit post about the leftist that went to a rally and got the hots for a real stud chud? You’re next. Your women already are looking for nazi chud male on communist female porn. You simply don’t cut it. Soon, the next thing related to you with the word cut is…. You can tell.
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