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Chud 2023/03/19 15:08:17 №/soy/2612440   [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:08:50 №/soy/2612444  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:09:19 №/soy/2612456  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:09:51 №/soy/2612459  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:10:14 №/soy/2612461  [Report]
how can he support ISIS when he's a sissy slut for BBC? I don't think that's halal
Chud 2023/03/19 15:10:37 №/soy/2612466  [Report]
he isnt a slut for tbp
hes a soldier of Allah and will behead all of you pornsick freak kuffar
Chud 2023/03/19 15:10:43 №/soy/2612467  [Report]
map movement seeks to conflate natural attraction with the rest of the mental illness freakshow and chuds fall for it cause they dont know any better
Chud 2023/03/19 15:11:08 №/soy/2612470  [Report]
didnt read any of this
Chud 2023/03/19 15:11:25 №/soy/2612473  [Report]
banning child marriage and encouraging homosexuality and castration is population control
Chud 2023/03/19 15:11:39 №/soy/2612474  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:11:43 №/soy/2612475  [Report]
did read all of that
Chud 2023/03/19 15:12:02 №/soy/2612476  [Report]
your ancestors had sex with children
Chud 2023/03/19 15:12:15 №/soy/2612478  [Report]
did write all of that
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Chud 2023/03/19 15:12:40 №/soy/2612480  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:12:53 №/soy/2612482  [Report]
whole world was pedo before 90s onwards people decided it was le bad
Chud 2023/03/19 15:12:55 №/soy/2612484  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:13:32 №/soy/2612488  [Report]
your great grand father married an obedient little girl to create you
Chud 2023/03/19 15:13:55 №/soy/2612490  [Report]
your grand father married a child as according to nature
Chud 2023/03/19 15:14:45 №/soy/2612494  [Report]
fail samefag ywnbaw geg
Chud 2023/03/19 15:15:13 №/soy/2612497  [Report]
catholicism is based off a mistranslation of the word young in hebrew, it was young mary not virgin mary, obviously however there is a conflation of both meanings within the same word but they're missing one very crucial point and that is that mary was a young girl and had sex with sky daddy to create jesus
File: 1677370331268.mp4 (3 MB)
Chud 2023/03/19 15:15:44 №/soy/2612499  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:16:24 №/soy/2612503  [Report]
age of consent shouldnt exist and it should be age of marriage because consent is a feminist invention rhat gives women a hall pass to whore around with a million men then end up alone and miserable wine hags
Chud 2023/03/19 15:17:10 №/soy/2612505  [Report]
women should be banned from the workforce and only exclusively be house wives from a young age instead of wasting time in school learning things they would never and should never use
Chud 2023/03/19 15:17:10 №/soy/2612506  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:18:00 №/soy/2612510  [Report]
the female sex needs to be subjugated in its entirety and one of the best ways to do this is by imposing child marriage practices
File: abshr.mp4 (30 MB)
Chud 2023/03/19 15:18:47 №/soy/2612513  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:18:58 №/soy/2612515  [Report]
women become more infertile as they age with their egg count being nearly non existent in their thirties, older women are at a greater risk of producing genetically defective offspring
File: 1657061426678.webm (5 MB)
Chud 2023/03/19 15:19:21 №/soy/2612516  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:20:11 №/soy/2612518  [Report]
you wont be able to enjoy a healthy marriage with a woman in her twenties because her shelf life is already considerably depleted and within a year or two you will have enslaved yourself to a hag
Chud 2023/03/19 15:21:59 №/soy/2612528  [Report]
does this sound too honest and selfish? well thats how nature works, and besides women rate men in an extremely disproportionate manner and objectify men and see them as disposable slaves and sources of income rather than people, similarly the same thing should be done to women in order to raise them to a higher standard that benefits us
Chud 2023/03/19 15:22:06 №/soy/2612530  [Report]
meds threda
File: 1678819009289-1.mp4 (69 MB)
Chud 2023/03/19 15:22:13 №/soy/2612532  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:22:40 №/soy/2612536  [Report]
redpill thread, chuds are stupid and send death threats to men that dont like trannies and old women
Chud 2023/03/19 15:23:23 №/soy/2612538  [Report]
chuds are selfish little fucks that are unable to do anything
File: Oghzo.mp4 (17 MB)
Chud 2023/03/19 15:23:39 №/soy/2612539  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:23:44 №/soy/2612541  [Report]
cant wait to enslave myself to a bitchy fat feminist who looks 80, god bless america
File: 1678820695381.mp4 (52 MB)
Chud 2023/03/19 15:25:00 №/soy/2612544  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:25:24 №/soy/2612548  [Report]
children are taboo because they are a source of great desire and if men did not find them attractive to begin with they would not put up such hysterics over the notion of sex with pubescent fertile developed horny sexy preteens begging for cock
Chud 2023/03/19 15:26:58 №/soy/2612556  [Report]
File: 1656077478893.webm (1 MB)
Chud 2023/03/19 15:27:53 №/soy/2612564  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:28:52 №/soy/2612570  [Report]
westerners demonize attraction to youth the same way they seek to demonize traditional sex roles, they seek to invert and corrupt that wich is healthy and natural and ordained by god, demonizing youth is to nudge people into fetishizing old women and demonizing traditional sex roles nudges people into fetishizing trannies, and thats exactly the result we see unfold before us as the zoomer generation becomes entirely obsessed with tranny femboy faggots and disgusting milfs
Chud 2023/03/19 15:31:39 №/soy/2612583  [Report]
chuds and trannies are neurotic and hysterical hypocritical moralfags and a byproduct of westoid moral lunacy
cant wait to chop my newborn son's dick off, god bless america, god bless the central banking system, god bless nasa, god bless masonry, god bless judaism, god bless zionism, god bless israel god bless nato, god bless europe
Chud 2023/03/19 15:33:48 №/soy/2612595  [Report]
is this the new /islamic culture/ thread
Chud 2023/03/19 15:34:01 №/soy/2612596  [Report]
i just want a 14yo wife with a fat ass and a farm and no taxes
Chud 2023/03/19 15:34:36 №/soy/2612599  [Report]
dunno i was just dumping my 'sis folder albeit
Chud 2023/03/19 15:34:39 №/soy/2612601  [Report]
is that the old /christian ignorance/ post
Chud 2023/03/19 15:34:51 №/soy/2612603  [Report]
why did the ageschizo choose this thread specifically
Chud 2023/03/19 15:35:34 №/soy/2612609  [Report]
he shouldve chosen one of the shitted threads albeit
Chud 2023/03/19 15:36:36 №/soy/2612614  [Report]
shitslamics and nippons are cucking to western morality by progressively censoring cunny more and more, so you faggots are "winning", congrats, cant wait for the age of the tranny and hag and male enslavement to go into full swing, cant wait for the great depression, cant wait for ww3 vs the evil russoid nazis
god bless europe god bless cuckoldry for he who humbles himself and turns the other cheek is blessed or something
europe should have remained pagan
Chud 2023/03/19 15:37:06 №/soy/2612616  [Report]
holy medication what are you on about
File: cobson laughing.png (25 KB)
Chud 2023/03/19 15:37:43 №/soy/2612620  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:38:11 №/soy/2612622  [Report]
if europe remained pagan the kikes would have ceised to exist ages ago and its only cause the european was softened by such a meek and pathetic religion such as christianity that they still exist and rule over us to this day
Chud 2023/03/19 15:38:12 №/soy/2612623  [Report]
they won albeit
Chud 2023/03/19 15:38:39 №/soy/2612625  [Report]
sir you need to take your meds
File: dee.png (30 KB)
Chud 2023/03/19 15:38:51 №/soy/2612627  [Report]
won what exactly?
Chud 2023/03/19 15:39:50 №/soy/2612636  [Report]
your mom
Chud 2023/03/19 15:39:55 №/soy/2612637  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 15:41:03 №/soy/2612643  [Report]
if you dont know you're clearly asleep just like all the other nigger cattle
the whole faggot world looks up to and seeks to imitate european culture especially mutt culture because of their shitty movies and this includes their defunct sense of morality, kike countries known as europe are some of the world's leading economies cuck to them and lick the kikes boots in order to please them and facilitate the installation of a jew world order system where you will eat the bugs and fuck the faggot's asshole or else
Chud 2023/03/19 15:41:40 №/soy/2612647  [Report]
what does this have to do with cunny though
Chud 2023/03/19 15:43:27 №/soy/2612660  [Report]
japanese are starting to adopt kike brainrot morality in order to please their white masters because as the worlds third leading economy they arent allowed to be le hecking pedo and get hecking cancelled so the jew pokes its nose into isolationist homogenous society and breaths down their necks with a gun aimed at their head preassuring them into censoring anything the jew dislikes in order to continue being able to do commerce with the precious jew country
Chud 2023/03/19 15:45:34 №/soy/2612668  [Report]
everything is interconnected, jewish mutt culture permeates the world cause the slave races look up to them and admire them and believe them to be something to look up to so they cave in and do shit like banning anti faggotry, anti feminism, anti niggertry, anti semitism and raise the age of consent to turn every man into a tranny loving faggot
Chud 2023/03/19 15:47:01 №/soy/2612676  [Report]
all so they can appear good to their kike overlords cause of international jewish preassure, it is bootlicking and cuckoldry and virtue signalling to ones own detriment on an international scale
Chud 2023/03/19 15:47:42 №/soy/2612678  [Report]
but le hecking strong powerful cunts get to feel good about themselves at least or something
god bless mercury in "vaccines" god bless fluoride
Chud 2023/03/19 15:49:18 №/soy/2612684  [Report]
so they can continue doing trade cause any chud should know the primary means trough wich jews aquire power is by grabbing people by the balls trough finance, trade, economy, banking but chuds are too stupid to realize that apparently
Chud 2023/03/19 15:54:34 №/soy/2612708  [Report]
european chuds arent doing shit against this parasite that plagues the world so its up to eastern races to ban together, strengthen themselves and destroy the jew world order, russia already learned its lesson about trusting kike countries and gettint too cozy with them, kikes tried to sabbotage their currency but failed and now russia seeks to strengthen trading relationships with other eastern countries
Chud 2023/03/19 15:56:45 №/soy/2612712  [Report]
>inb4 ivan
same libshit crap that makes libshit kike worshippers want to bomb taliban for daring to stand up to the kike and take back their own country and freeing themselves from the kikes stronghold by making their own banking system, oh golly gee how awful we need to bomb them enslave them to jewish money and turn them into faggots for democracy or something
Chud 2023/03/19 15:59:41 №/soy/2612721  [Report]
>russia bans anti semitism
you can already see the fucking kike inmediately go and start sowing seeds as insurance just in case, if dumbass sand nigger religious lunacy is what it takes to destroy the fucking kike then so be it cause people dont seem to fucking learn from jewish history and keep trusting them OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN fucking nigger cattle
europe should have remained pagan
Chud 2023/03/19 16:08:12 №/soy/2612755  [Report]
and if any christian becomes alarmed at the thought of losing something divine and special if christianity had not spread as much as it did, consider the fact that christianity built on top of many pagan religions as well as religions from the middle east meaning its not something unique its merely an amalgamation of different beliefs consolidated and mushed together into one doctrine that was later used to subjugate the plebs just like how zog uses its own faggy moral system nowadays to do the same thing, same occult bloodlines same agenda same modus operandi same astrological cycle different time
europe should have remained pagan
Chud 2023/03/19 23:14:36 №/soy/2615918  [Report]
Chud 2023/03/19 23:14:53 №/soy/2615920  [Report]

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